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Most seasoned travelers prefer traveling with rolling carry-on or rolling hard luggage which is very convenient. Unlike shoulder or hand carried carry-on luggage, most rolling hard luggage are designed with a sturdy in-line skate wheel having aluminum handles for a smooth traveling experience. Rolling hard Luggage can be availed in an assortment of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Hard shell luggage which are also known as hard sided luggage on wheels or hard case luggage, are lightweight and durable. Hard shell luggage is generally made from metals like aluminum, and also polypropylene or ABS which protects your things inside. The outer covering is made of other materials like fabrics or leather and are available in four different types of edges such as turned, burnished, bound, and welt which protects the sides and gives an attractive appearance.

Hard luggage with wheels usually comes with both combination and key locks. Hard shell luggage are light in weight and also durable if made with plastic. They have options of single hand push button and support for shoulder and straps provided at the stress points for durability. They come with their own keys and have lock combination for safety.

The Titan Luggage Xenon 19" International Carry On come highly recommended with a top-quality hard-shell. Made of polycarbonate shell and are strong, scratch resistant and robust. Weights very less at 5.71 lbs and the wheels are practically snagged free. The Titan Luggage Xenon 19" International Carry On have simple design with efficient featuring and precision molding of the polycarbonate material which protects your essential goods inside.

Samsonite is a well known luggage industry that produces quality products having its own rich brand history. Luggage set are made of lightweight yet extremely durable Polycarbonate ABS hard shell materials. ABS material gives the shell greater rigidity and with a capability of temporary deformation when under pressure and popping back up into its original shape. They also have push button locking handles. Combination of locks is provided for maximum safety and with large smooth rolling lubricated wheels for mobility which varies according to design and convenience.

Carlton is another quality brand offering versatile travel comfort to the discerning customer. Their luggage are designed and crafted to be durable and dependable crafted with passion. They have 22 varieties of luggage in hard and soft sided luggage with hub less wheels and 360 rotatable handles which can be used as a stylish traveling product.

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